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Muddy Creek started over 10 years ago on a cold wet day in Michigan on a 250 mile trail ride across the state. Literally fed up with inadequate rain gear an idea was launched to start something new…to make a really good quality, functional, lightweight, breathable, super oversized waterproof coat that would revolutionize the "horseman’s raincoat category" for all time. So from the heart and mind and creative spirit of a lifetime horse back rider…this idea came to life. Through sheer pluck and determination, inch by inch a company was born with the single-minded goal of creating the best riding rain coat. Along the way, an entire line of horseman’s rain gear was created, each piece extensively field tested to ensure maximum functionality under any conditions. Muddy Creek products are now enjoyed by thousands of happy riders worldwide! It is our privilege to bring you these fine quality products. It is our hope that you enjoy countless hours experiencing the beauty of mother nature from the back of a horse! Now….go ride your horse!


I am a commercial fisherman in Harpswell Maine. I fish 8 months out of the year including all winter. I have never had a raincoat last more than half a season. I’ve used my Muddy Creek short coat now for one whole season and it hasn’t fallen apart. I’m very impressed.

– Terence Kenney Harpswell, Maine

I love my Muddy Creek Raincoat. Caught out in the trail in the middle of a storm, the only thing wet on me were my feet. The are light enough to carry in a saddle bag without taking up too much space.

– Carmel Oberdorfer, Norton, Ohio.

Allen County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse. We work a lot of details. The raincoats keep you dry and warm. We love them very much!

– Capt. Wayne Baker

Love my chaps. Easy to pack, easy on, easy off, very comfortable. Love ‘em.

– Julie, Northern Michigan

My friends and I rode the fall weekend of the monsoon in 2008. It rained at "Elkless" Hill EVERY DAY ALL DAY! My Muddy Creek coat and SSG Waterproof Gloves were a blessing. I was dry after 3 days of non-stop rain. I don’t know what I would have done without the coat and gloves.

– Ingrid Brey, Grosse Pointe Park, MI

"I love my rain coat. We wear our raincoats even when it’s not raining. But we don’t call them "raincoats" we call them "waterproof riding coats" cause we wear them all the time whether it's raining or not."

– Mary Ellen

Hi Nancy:
I recently ordered a long raincoat and absolutely love it. Shortly after receiving it, my area experienced a downpour of rain. I grabbed my Muddy Creek Raingear to head out to the barn. Never have I been so completely dry while rounding up my horses! Although I have spent money on raincoats in the past, this is without a doubt the best investment that I have made.

I also want to express my appreciation for the time you took with me on the phone explaining about the construction of the coat as well as colors and sizes. Our society seems to have lost the customer service, but not at Muddy Creek. When we talked, you mentioned a new line of short raincoats that will be coming out the end of April beginning of May. Are they available? I just can’t wait to order the short one as well.

Thanks again for making the best riding gear available!

– Dr. Paula Love

"…I would recommend them to any riders. Muddy Creek rain gear is cool in hot weather, light weight, dry and large enough to wear jackets under if necessary. I would recommend them to any riders."

– John Lyons

Muddy Creek Raingear stood up to "the hardest test we ever put it through for our coats our horse and ourselves!" "It was the last Criss Cross of 2003, last half… riding out from Kalkaska, remember? It started raining the night before and we waited in the rain, me and my friend Val and Aunt Lummy, pouring rain I remember. We took refuge in the back of Dick Clark’s trailer since it was getting colder. He loaned me one more layer to put on. I went to saddle my sweet mare Miss and I pulled the blue tarp off our saddles and gear to find it was leaking, our saddles were wet. DAMN!!! I HATE THAT!!!! I walked up to her with my dripping saddle and she glared at me and said in no uncertain horse language, "YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT, WE ARE NOT GOING TODAY, YOU KNOW I HATE THE RAIN, WHERE IS MY BARN? I THINK I MIGHT BITE YOU, GET AWAY FROM ME, WHERE IS MY BARN?????"

I told her it usually didn’t rain this hard for very long so it wouldn’t be that bad. She didn’t bite me but she wanted to. I saddled her and Junior and threw the leaky tarps over them and walked away from their glaring stares to wait for Bobe and the bus.

We made record time that day, Miss informed me that if she had to go that day we were going to "SLAP LEATHER AND GO LIKE HELL" which we did. Who am I to argue with that reasoning? I kept telling Val it usually doesn’t pour rain this hard for this many hours so it must be going to stop soon. IT DIDN’T. It literally poured all day until we got into camp then it quit. We sang every song we could think of about rain and laughed and laughed about how much water was coming down for so many hours straight.

The low point happened on the shortcut down that loong dirt road after you cross the highway. This big-ass truck passed us on the flooded road and never moved over one inch, he splatted mud, gravel and water over us and the horses. I’ve never seen my mare so put out. You know how they are, they don’t hold anything back. I felt the same way that day.

We got into camp and took our coats off and we were only wet around the neck from the pouring rain, pouring in around the opening. I was proud of our gear that day. This was the hardest test we every put it through for our coats our horse and ourselves too!"

– Nancy Swearengin, Proprietor

"Thank you for making a great product!" "I’m a REAL customer. I have the short raincoat and two doggie coats for my two yellow labs. I walk them everyday rain or shine. On the rainy days, we gear up and head out. My short coat keeps me dry no question. But the best part is that my dogs fur stays dry. I do not come home and have to endure wet dog smell. It’s the best! Plus, the underbelly band does a great job of keeping the mudd off of their belly. I really only have to wipe off their feet and legs and that’s it! Thank you for making a great product!"

– Julie Helquist, Manchester, MI

"…an essential part of my survival gear when riding in the mountains of Montana…" My Muddy Creek slicker proved to me to be an essential part of my survival gear when riding in the mountains of Montana. Often I find myself using it when it is not raining at all. In October 2007 with a forecast for a chance of rain, I tied my slicker on the back of my saddle before heading over the ridge to a local rancher’s fall cattle gathering. After gathering 250+ head of cattle out of the large pasture (2000-4000 acres in MT) several cowboys settled in to separating them while the rest of us headed up into the mountains to look for and pick up any strays. We hauled our horses 5-6 miles from the ranch over to the base of the mountains, then headed up for about an hour when the weather suddenly turned. The temperature dropped from about 55° to about 35° and the wind picked up to about 40 mph making it feel like 2°. Although it did not begin to rain, I unrolled my Muddy Creek long raincoat, put it on, zipped it up and continued to ride – staying much warmer for 2 more hours before arriving back at the trailer. The weather can change in an instant producing rain or snow and wind any given month of the year in Montana. Thanks to my Muddy Creek Raincoat, I stayed warm enough to finish the gathering and spend a couple hours around the campfire that evening. I look forward to many years filled with thousands of miles of riding with my Muddy Creek Raincoat along as standard equipment.

– Cheryl Burt, Northwest, MT

"…my saddle is covered, the rear end of my horse is covered, I am covered, including my legs…"

I have had, probably, six raincoats, ponchos or whatever else was supposed to keep the rain off me. The wonderful Outback coat took up too much room tied to my saddle, and started to leak where it wrinkled, after being tied to the saddle a while. The poncho blew up and my legs and arms were soaked. The rubber coat and pants were hotter than heck, then along came Muddy Creek’s raincoats.

How I wish I had had one when I was sitting in Luzerne camp, waiting to leave, looking at hail piling up on my horse’s mane. The trails were running water like creeks that day, and I was totally soaked. My reins were so slick, my horse kept pulling them out of my hands, and that rain cloud stayed right over me all day.

That never happens with my Muddy Creek coat. There is so much fabric in it my saddle is covered, the rear end of my horse is covered, I am covered, including my legs, which is not to be believed. I tell everyone I know, who trail rides, they need one of these raincoats; they are wonderful.

– Judi Shutz, Fowlerville, MI